Consent-based, LGBQ/T inclusive, pleasure-positive sex education for all.

What I do in the world

Partners in Sex Education 

Awesome sex ed means having conversations with students about what they're actually experiencing. My classes for young people go beyond just the birds, the bees, and STIs; we talk about bodies, protection, communication, relationships, sexual health, gender, identity, and decision-making. Through activities, games, and lively discussion, I arm my students with the knowledge and skills to make empowering, safe, healthy sexual decisions. Click here to bring me into your classroom!


The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health

Kids aren't the only ones who can benefit from learning a little more learning about sex and relationships! Based in Pawtucket, RI, the CSPH brings culturally inclusive, medically accurate, pleasure-informed adult sex education to colleges and universities across the country. We also provide strengths-based sex therapy on a sliding scale, community-based workshops, and critical professional development for folks in the sexuality field. If you're passionate about reducing sexual shame, challenging misinformation, and engaging in sex-positive, intersectional advocacy, check out what the CSPH can do for you.


New Hope, Inc.

Consent isn't just sexy - it's mandatory. My workshops through New Hope, the rape crisis center of southeastern Massachusetts, are for all kinds of people and settings: colleges, police departments, corrections facilities, clinicians, parents, youth groups, and more. People leave these workshops with a better understanding of what consent is (and how to ask for it), what sexual and intimate partner violence can look like, how to help a friend who has experienced violence, and what services are available at no cost to survivors. Reach out today to learn more about my custom workshops on sexual violence prevention.


Tea and Empathy

Empathy: The state of having curiosity about, and nonjudgmental engagement with, someone else’s emotional world.

Tea and Empathy, created by Kate McCombs, is a workshop that invites folks to explore what empathy means, practice empathic communication, and receive genuine empathy. In two short hours, we'll have discussions on mindfulness, self-care, what empathy is and isn't, and how to practice empathic communication as a parent, coworker, friend, and partner.

As Kate says, "Tea and Empathy events are designed to help you feel more empathized with so you have the bandwidth to be more empathetic to others. You get your own cup refilled so you can help fill others’ cups." Learn more, and contact me to talk about bringing Tea and Empathy to your group!

Recent Posts

V is for Vulva

(Via The CSPH) A vulva is the amazingly diverse external genital anatomy of folks who are usually AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth). Vulvas (or vulvae) are commonly confused with, conflated with, and/or referred to as vaginas. A person’s vagina is the internal canal connecting their uterus to their vulva; it’s where a baby would pass through during a vaginal birth, and where fingers/a penis/a sex toy might fit during sex. But that’s not what we’re here to talk about...

Here's Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Plan B

(Via Elite Daily) The other day, I was having coffee with one of my girlfriends. As we were discussing our latest sexcapades (or sexcapade on my end), she casually mentioned that she uses Plan B and the pull-out method as her primary form of birth control. "I just time my cycles so I know I'm not ovulating, and if I get nervous about it, I just take Plan B," she said, sipping her Americano...

Femtastic Podcast: "The Sex Ed Teacher You Wish You Had"

Katie interviews sex educator Melanie Lucash - the sex ed teacher you wish you had. We discuss the shortcomings of American sex ed, the importance of erasing shame from the sex ed classroom (and how she does it), the hilarity and importance of demystifying sex for young people, and why it is so crucial that educators come at sex education from an angle that's inclusive and intersectional.