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My name is Melanie Lucash. I'm a sexuality & relationships educator, community organizer, and public health nerd.

While my roots lie in providing sex education, my current work focuses on strengths-based team management, violence prevention advocacy, and education around gender, sexuality, trauma, and sexual health. When I'm not developing curricula with my colleagues, educating new violence prevention advocates, or answering anonymous questions from #theyouths, you can find me embroidering, thinking about my next meal, and listening to true crime audio books.

As a young person, I learned firsthand how important and transformative great sex education could be. I knew it would be a part of my life forever.

Like many folks who work in the sexual health field, I remember being the friend that my grade school classmates would come to when they had questions that their parents or health teacher wouldn’t answer. As a peer sexuality educator in high school, I quickly realized that most young people - if they received any sex education at all - weren't getting information that was useful, accurate, or reflective of their experiences. 

Put simply, I love nothing more than creating educational and professional spaces that inspire growth, creativity, and honest communication.

I work hard to make sure my education and advocacy is developed from a framework of social justice, anti-oppression, and universal values of health, empathy, dignity, respect. Everyone deserves healthcare and health education that honors their identity, upholds their agency, and validates their experience. Whether I'm working on a college campus, in a middle-school gym class, at an emergency shelter for people who've experienced violent relationships, or with a task force of professionals responding to a crisis, this work is my cornerstone. This work is what drives me, energizes me, and lights me up.

I believe that inclusive, accessible, Shame-free sexuality education and healthcare can and will change lives.

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