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My name is Melanie Lucash. I'm a sexuality and relationships educator, public health activist, and coffee enthusiast living in the greater Boston area.

I love nothing more than creating spaces where people of all ages can have real, meaningful, amazing conversations about sexuality and relationships. Sometimes that looks like a planned 50-minute class with boisterous, curious high school students. Sometimes it's a workshop with other professionals, where people who think about sex and sexuality all the time put their brains together, which makes for some fascinating banter! Other times, it looks like coffee with new friends, where we end up talking about dating, sex, and communication.

To be honest, I didn’t know that "Sex Educator" was a real profession until I applied to be a peer sex educator during my senior year in high school. 

Like many folks in this field, I remember being the friend that my classmates would come to when they had questions that their parents or health teacher wouldn’t answer. During my time as a peer sex educator at HiTOPS, I facilitated workshops and had conversations with my peers about sexuality and sexual health. I realized that most young people - if they received sex education at all - weren't getting information that was useful, accurate, or empowering. 

As a young person, I learned firsthand how important and transformative sex education could be, and I knew it would be a part of my life forever.

I spent the next six years absorbing all the information I could about sex, bodies, sexuality, relationships, pleasure, gender, love, dating, trauma, and communication that I possibly could. Two degrees later, the biggest lesson I took home is that I'll never stop learning. Every time I facilitate a class or workshop, I learn more from the amazing people in the room than they probably realize. When I'm teaching or talking about sex and relationships, I'm enthusiastic, nerdy, and approachable. I work hard to make sure my classes don't leave anyone out, and that they're taught from a perspective of social justice and universal values of health, empathy, dignity, respect. This work is what drives me, energizes me, and lights me up.

I believe that inclusive, empowering, Shame-free sex education can and will change lives.

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