"Melanie's work is filled with a warm enthusiasm that makes you want to dive right in. Her compassion for her students and colleagues alike is hard to replicate, yet she expertly weaves it into her teaching on empathy and healthy relationships. Try not to smile after five minutes with Melanie, I dare you."

Gwendolyn Rosen, Sex Positive Media Strategist


"Melanie is passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated, and thorough. She is skilled at creating an environment where youth feel comfortable sharing their thoughts, and demonstrates a strong willingness to ensure all opinions and values in the classroom are respected. She is professional, intelligent, and motivated, and has a humor and teaching style that's easy to relate to."

Lizzy Bartelt, PhD Candidate at Indiana University

"Having experienced Melanie's work from many spaces, as a collaborator, supervisor, and workshop participant, she is incredibly adept at providing education that is relevant to the audience, culturally aware, and accessible to participants."

Erin Basler, Education Coordinator at the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, and Disability Outreach Coordinator at New Hope, Inc.